30 Aug Fujifilm launches a Medium-Term Management Plan, VISION2019.

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has drawn up a new medium-term management plan, VISION2019, covering a three year period from the fiscal year ending March 2018 (FY2018/3) to the fiscal year ending March 2020 (FY2020/3.) Through a series of structural reforms, Fujifilm has been able to establish a solid management base that generates profits. By efficiently utilizing those profits, the company has built a diversified and extensive business portfolio. The VISION2019 aims to further enhance this portfolio by reinforcing each of the business segments and thus achieve sustainable growth.

Under the corporate slogan of “Value from Innovation,” the Fujifilm Group actively works on creating new values for resolving a variety of social issues, based on the understanding that resolving such issues leads to opportunities of its business growth. The company also promotes its new CSR program, “FUJIFILM Sustainable Value Plan 2030,” continuously addressing social issues through the use of innovative technologies, products and services to emerge as a leading force of transition into better society.

The VISION2019 maps out its “Imaging,” “Information” and “Document” solution businesses to the following three stages: (1) improving the profitability to generate stable cash-flow, (2) accelerating the growth of main business areas to expand revenues and profits, and (3) develop businesses with high profitability that will constitute the cornerstones of its future business operations, thereby further strengthening the business portfolio to achieve a strategic leap forward. Fujifilm will also pursue further growth by enhancing its overseas sales foundation, established through existing business operations,

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