29 Dec Fujifilm Jumps Full-Frame for Fuller-Frame

Source: Fujifilm Insider

No Full-Frame for Fujifilm

Until the Fujifilm GFX 50S, Fuji stuck with APS-C sized sensors much to the frustration of some. They said they’d not be exploring Full-Frame (FF) and stuck to their word. Instead, their first medium format digital camera will hit the market very soon and FF is still nowhere to be seen. To me, this makes perfect sense. In fact, I think they have made a very smart decision. So here’s a very quick run down of why:

Sticking with APS-C instead of FF: By the time Fujifilm really got going with competitive digital cameras, the FF market was already well-developed. Taking on Nikon and Canon would have been very tough, especially considering Fujifilm’s lack of recent legacy lenses. Canikon digital users have decades of modern EOS EF-S mount lenses to plop on their FF digital bodies. Full-Frame Fujifilm adopters would have to have bought afresh. Besides, APS-C was more affordable and nestled better with the then buoyant consumer and prosumer markets. It all made perfect sense, but the question was where to go from there. With falling sensor prices and advancing mirrorless designs, a slightly larger than FF format made some sense, especially considering the lack of real competition. Here are some thoughts.

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