29 Nov Fujifilm Is Not About Specs

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In March of 2020 I lost all of my business for the next nine months. By April of 2020, I had lost most of the bookings I had for the early part of 2021, as well. By May, the rent was late, car payments were overdue, and bills were piling up on a small end table near the front door — few of which could get paid on time. The phone wasn’t ringing with assignments. Emails weren’t being received for jobs. The freelance photography business I had spent two years building was in shambles, and so was I. And I wasn’t alone, either. Friends and colleagues were living the same reality. A few closed up all together, while others began a search for a new career path. A few brave souls decided to hunker down and ride the out the storm the best they could for as long as they could. Many of those have been forced into finding a different line of work or shutting down by now. I, however, sold most of my camera gear on a Thursday in June, getting what I could for it from a local camera shop. It wasn’t much, honestly. But I paid a few bills, bought a few groceries […]

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