25 Sep Fujifilm Instax Square website

Fujifilm has launched a new Instax website featuring the announced square format film reminiscent of the classic Polaroid SX70 film. Not much information is given about the new format. There are a few example images and a description of the appeal of instant film.

Fujifilm Instax Square Site

FUJIFILM earnestly took up the challenge of giving instax a new form.
A world woven with a square format and no right way up is exclusively yours.

A format to remind you that daily life itself is a work of art

It’s because we live in our own particular ways,
that a single unassuming slice of “normal” can become a photographic work of art.
The joy of capturing a familiar scene or the candid expression of someone special, and making it your own.
The film slowly emerges and you hold it up, peering at it impatiently wondering “Is it ready yet?”
Transforming the everyday into a work of art. instax SQUARE.