01 Dec FUJIFILM GOES WILD – African Wildlife Safari with the XF 100-400 and XF1.4X TC

Source: Bjorn Moerman

Earlier this month, I left the busy city environment of Dubai for a 9-day photo-safari in Northern Tanzania; visiting four National Parks (NP), Tarangire NP, Lake Mantra, Serengeti and last but not least the world renown the Ngorongoro Crater NP.

This was the my first Wildlife photo-safari shot exclusively on the Fujifilm system. Earlier trips to the Kenya and Namibia had all still been with the much heavier and bulkier DSLR system. 
Even though, I don’t see myself as a Pro Wildlife photographer, I do really enjoy a good photo-safari. What is below is an overview of the gear I packed, some tips and tricks and the overall experience I had with the Fujifilm equipment in the wild!
PHOTOGEAR – What did I pack?One does not want to go with a single camera body on a trip like this; do yourself a favor and  bring a back-up camera! I carried my Fujifilm X-T2 as the main body with the X-T1 as a back-up/second camera. The X-T2 had the Vertical Power Booster Grip (VPB-XT2) while the X-T1 had the Large Metal Hand Grip (MHG-XT). 

I brought the following glass:XF100-400 ; my main wildlife lensXF50-140 ; for wider shots and potentially as a back-up with the XF 1.4TC if something would go wrong with the 100-400XF10-24 ; for wide angle vistas (rarely used)XF23mm f2 ; for street photography when traveling between placesXF18-55 ; all round travel lens, although used it could have probably stayed homeXF1.4X TC ; teleconverter used a lot on the 100-400 lens

Beside the above, I carried an 15 inch MacBook Pro, a 2 TB

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