12 May Fujifilm GFX50S – The Fluidity of Light

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Although I anticipated that medium format was the next area for camera companies to disrupt, I never thought that such a system would force me to rethink my gear choice.

Since the Fujifilm GFX50S camera was announced, the pixel-peeping crowd has gone berserk (at least this time they had good reason!). After all, the 51.4MP light-gathering monster would disquiet even the most stoical photographer. In my case, it was the amazing team at Fujifilm Canada that elevated me from my boring, uneventful existence. The worst part is that I asked for it! (Thank you Helen, Florence, Aling and the team!)

At first glance, I didn’t like the size of this camera. After stubbornly shooting with the X100-series for years I refused to acknowledge the existence of SLR-like cameras. However, I must admit that my first physical contact surprised me. My hand wrapped around the GFX naturally and firmly and, in fact, I felt so confident that I skipped the strap part (I don’t usually use straps with my cameras anyway).

Then things went quite smoothly. The general layout and menu were familiar to me because I’ve been shooting with the X-T2 and other X-series cameras for many years. Don’t worry, I am not going to go over all the details here, as most of you are familiar with the technicalities of the GFX system. There are many excellent reviews out there.

The primary goal of this highly biased and personal assessment of the GFX system was to focus entirely on…

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