24 Oct Fujifilm GFX50s and GFX50r settings and 30,000 frame review

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The Fujifilm GFX50s has been available to purchase for about 20 months (at the time of writing) and in that time it has changed the medium format world for good. The GFX has been such a success story and a force of energy that even Capture One has made itself available to the growing user base of GFX shooters, an option that was apparently NEVER going to happen. The price of digital medium format cameras has been reset to a lower entry point and now with the GFX50r the system is being tailored to the serious enthusiast market too.

Here are my settings, the way I choose to use the camera and my appraisal of the GFX system. At the end of this article I compare the GFX50s with the new GFX50r and give my recommendations for prospective users.

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01. The Fujifilm GFX50s has been my only camera for nearly two years. I started shooting a pre production model with test firmware at the end of 2016 and became a tester with the Adobe Lightroom RAW file processing team, supplying them with GFX50s RAFs to work on. By March 2017 I had my own full production GFX50s and we have been to many far flung places around the world together.

At the beginning of the GFX era there were arguments about wether the GFX50s should be considered ‘medium format’. Now, with so many offerings at this sensor

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