04 Mar Fujifilm GFX vs Pentax 645Z – High ISO Test

Source: The New Camera

Fujifilm GFX medium format camera first test shots surfaced and imaging resource website, The medium format sensor of Fuji showing enormous amount details. Till now we know Pentax 645Z As one of the best consumer medium format camera available to date. But when you look at the high ISO test images side by side of Pentax 645Z and Fujifilm GFX then you will going to see the Fuji medium format camera is more superior compared to the Pentax 645Z.

Base ISO Test

AT base ISO test both camera were kept at ISO 100 while capturing the shot. And the images clearly show us that Fujifilm technique is more advanced and better compared to the existing technology used inside the printer 645Z camera.

High ISO Test

Not only at base ISO Fuji performing better, the images captured at ISO 6400 then the noise management of UGC gfx is more better compared to the Pentax. You can see from your eyes that the pic captured by physical gfx medium format camera showing various colour as compared to the Pentax 645 Z not only that the colour output at Higher so he’s very well controlled compared to its competitor….

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