13 Mar Fujifilm GFX 50R

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Although the GFX 50R is by no means small, it’s actually remarkably light and portable considering it is housing that enormous sensor.

It weighs in at 755g, with the battery and card loaded. That’s actually lighter than many full-frame DSLRs, although the lenses designed for the bodies are also typically larger than the equivalent lenses for DSLRs.

The GFX 50R is also designed in a flatter, “rangefinder” style. That means the viewfinder sits on the far left of the body, allowing you to use one eye to compose your image, and the other to check out any subjects that might be coming into view.

There’s a small grip around the front of the body to improve handling; this could do with being a little larger, particularly if you’re using a heavier lens. The reality is that most people will be using the GFX 50R with a smaller G-mount lens, but it still isn’t necessarily a camera you want to be carrying around all day in your hand.

There’s a great deal of physical control on hand, including smart milled dials for shutter speed and exposure compensation on the top plate. On such a large body, some of these controls are hard to access comfortably, but attention to detail is great throughout and plenty can be customised….

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