19 Apr Fujifilm GF 110mm f/2 lens review with 16 high res samples

Source: Pro Photo Nut

01. Nothing sums up the medium format look to me more than a calm delicate bokeh reminiscent of an oil painting. Click on this picture to open a full resolution version in a new window. GFX 50s with a pre production GF 110mm lens at f/2, ISO 400, 1/250th second using a monopod.

The Fujifilm GF 110mm F2 lens is the one that a lot of early adopters of the GFX system have been holding out for. The 120mm f/4 macro has been an option from day 1 but the lure of this soon to become available 110mm lens with an extra 2 stops of light gathering and a shorter more compact form has held many people back from buying the 120mm, including me. Now we have a choice and wow what a choice it is. You can find out which one of the medium telephoto primes I’ll be buying later in this review.

02. The Fujifilm GF 110mm f/2 lens with lens hood on the GFX50s camera. [The tripod head is by RRS with a lever lock and the L plate is a $10 universal plate from Ebay and it works perfectly. I only have to change GFX batteries once a day and the retracting D loop on the universal bracket makes the process easy allowing me to swing it out of the way of the battery door in a jiffy. If the soon to be released RRS L plate is as neat and not too bulky I’ll probably get one in due course.] X-T2, XF 90mm….

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