11 Nov Fujifilm for wedding photography review

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Sometime during the summer of 2016 I bought a Fuji camera – the Fujifilm X-T1 – and the 18-55mm lens. I had been shooting Nikon digital cameras since 2008, starting with the D300, which was a fabulous camera at the time. In time I upgraded to a D3s, a monster of a camera, very capable, and very heavy. Very heavy! I added more flashes, a bunch of lenses, a D7100, and was a fully fledged Nikon shooter.

All was great until the summer of 2015, when tennis elbow came along. It was so bad that I couldn’t shake hands with someone without wincing, and 12 hour weddings became agony every time I lifted 2kg of Nikon to my eye. The season finished, and I began to look around for something lighter.

Fujifilm had been making headlines since the introduction of the X-100 fixed lens camera back in 2011. I borrowed one from a friend not too long after it came out. The photos were beautiful – lovely colours, sharpness, tonality. But I wasn’t sure about the rangefinder style, the autofocus was slow, especially in low light, and the controls seemed fiddly. I gave it back glad to have tried but .. it wasn’t right for me. A lovely camera for working slowly, but in the high speed environment of a wedding I didn’t think it would be able to keep up.  I kept an eye on Fuji as they introduced the x-pro1 and then the x-t1, which seemed to be a game changer. It got big thumbs up from people like Zack Arias and David Hobby. So I decided to try again, as my tennis elbow was driving me nuts!….

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