26 Apr Fujifilm Concept Shoot Workshop

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Shooting a portrait is probably one of easiest and also daunting at the same time.
Easy; because we have so many of us human around. If you are a people person;
then I guess its easy to convince one to be your model. Next will be the daunting part.
Today’s at Fujifilm Lifestyle Portrait Workshop is all about it. I started by sharing
about my portraits shooting style. For a start; have a concept before you even
start to shoot. Having an idea on how you wanna achieve helps build that foundation
block. With that in mind; we could start mounting the right lens for the scene. If
one don’t it; rent one. Having the right tool is also an essential. In fact Fujifilm
Singapore has a rent a lens program. It’s free for the first 2 time. This is also Fujifilm
Singapore way to helping its fellow user try out the lenses before making that
Art direction is next. For today’s workshop I wanted to achieve a fun and technically
challenging, owner and pet portrait. My model for today is Dwayne Lau. I always love
having an actor or actress as my model compare to a fashion model. The reason
is very clear for me; having an actor as my model; he or she is able to give me more
expression and feel; which helps in the making of a great shot.

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