10 Mar Fuji XT3 vs. XT2 REVIEW – dsphotoblog.com

Source: Fujifilm Insider

In this review i´m testing the Fuji XT-3 vs. my loved Fuji XT-2, a camera which i have since 2016 and i´m still using this fantastic mirrorless camera, so i know it very well and also what it can do.

This review video is not about telling you every single spec detail about the new Fuji XT-3, too many people done that before and you have probably seen 1000+ review videos already. In my comparison video i´m looking at the details of these cameras which are most interesting to me and what i found very interesting after comparing these great cameras.

I´m also not going to repeat everything here in this blogpost, it would be far too much work, so make shure you watch my review video and subscribe to dsphotoblog´s YouTube channel here: www.youtube.com/dsphotoblog

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