27 Oct Fuji XT2 First Impressions

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

Fuji XT2 – The Moors above Saddleworth.

This last weekend was possibly a turning point for me. My XT2 has finally arrived and I’m excited. I haven’t been excited about a new camera in a long time. It’s hard to say what’s different this time but there is just something about the Fuji. The XT system and lenses is very high quality but compact. It seems to have many of the benefits of the Olympus EM5 but with improved image quality. That’s something that was difficult for me to admit at first as the Olympus has served me well for several years and is an excellent camera. Let me share my first impressions with you.

Removing the camera from the packaging for the first time, it feels very much like the XT1. The various dials which felt well positioned on the XT1 are all still there but with a few more options. What I liked about the XT1 was that everything seemed to be where you would expect to find it and the XT2 is very similar.

There are a few points though that Fuji should be specifically commended for:

The eyecup on the XT2 is just like the replacement eye cup on the XT1. This is an optional accessory with the XT1 (and worth investing in). The screen protectors for the XT1 fit the XT2. The battery from the XT1 fits and works fine in the XT2. Sony is the only other manufacturer that seems to adopt this approach….

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