30 Jul Fuji XT-1 Film Simulation modes

Source: Fujifilm Insider

One of the great features of the Fuji X series cameras is the Film Simulation mode which is available in camera and allows you to take pictures with the look of some of Fuji’s classic film emulsions. Today, I decided to try this out and carried out a test on the Fuji XT-1 Film Simulation modes.

This is probably not the only article you could find which carries out a similar sort of test since the XT-1 is now 3 years old, but I really wanted to see for myself how the modes look before we go on a family holiday in a few weeks time. I’ve decided this holiday I will ‘travel light’ and I’m only taking the XT-1 and no film camera, so I wanted to run a test myself to check how the in camera simulations look, and also to see if they are basically the same as the camera profiles which are supplied with Lightroom.…

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