06 Nov Fuji XF80mm F2.8 R LM OIS WR | Review

Source: Fujifilm Insider

It’s been about a month since Fujifilm has launched the XF80mm Macro lens and I’ve gotten a production copy to work with for this review. For comparison purposes (for myself mostly) I’m including a mix of images from the Pre-Production lens as well. I can definitely see some refinement in the output of the production lens and it would be interesting if you might be able to spot the same.

One major change I’ve made isn’t gear related. I’ve stopped sharpening Fujifilm RAW files in Adobe Lightroom CC. Although there are operational improvements to the application I’m still leaving a lot of “image quality” on the table in the sharpening area. My previous workflow got me close (globally) but at pixel peeping distance I still see a bit of smearing/waxing/squiggly worms. I’m convinced that this is limited to the way Lightroom sharpens. However, I didn’t stray too far. Sharpening now takes place in Adobe Photoshop CC and you should definitely try this method:

  1. Export your RAW file image to Adobe Photoshop CC
  2. Click on the FILTER menu and select SHARPEN
  3. Click on UNSHARP MASK
  4. When the UNSHARP MASK dialogue box opens enter 150 for the AMOUNT, 1 for the RADIUS, and 1 for the THRESHOLD
  5. Click OK to return to the image…

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