20 Oct Fuji XF23mm F2 WR / Initial Thoughts

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The Fuji XF23mm F2 has been on the horizon for a while and I recently obtained a loan copy. Here are my initial views.

Those that know my wedding photography and social documentary photography will know that almost always use a full frame equivalent combination of 35mm and 85mm.

In Fuji world, this equates to a 23mm lens and a 56mm lens.

I first used the XF23mm F1.4 when in Tokyo at a product planning meeting back in 2013 and its served me amazingly well ever since.

As Fuji moves forward into the realms of the GFX and large sensor cameras (they will, of course, continue to build on APS-C too), the emphasis on small size maybe less for some photographers.

For me, however, I have always maintained that I want the smallest camera possible, which is as plain as possible, but does the best job possible.
To that end, I loved the X70 and of course my well worn X100T which get’s used every single day.

When Fujifilm first released the XF23mm F1.4, I was thrilled of course. It was fast and it was much smaller than the DSLR equivalent I’d used all those years before.

Then I heard that Fuji were thinking of releasing second versions of some of their best lenses and my interest was piqued. When the 35mm F2 was released, with its weather resistance and such small form factor I knew then that what I really wanted was a 23mm in the same format.

I use the 35mm focal length, a bit. But only a bit. For me, the 23mm (35mm equivalent) is where I’m most comfortable and so I was happy to get my hands on the new lens just before last weekends wedding.

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