28 Feb Fuji XF 55-200 revisited, the 18-135, and Other Musings!

Source: Fujifilm Insider

As you would have read on my last two blogs, I had recently sold off all of my Nikon gear over the last year or so and replaced everything with Fuji equipment.  I have extensively used my 18-135 lens and the marvellous little 35mm f2.  The 18-55 I never liked (not sharp or very useful wide open at the 18 or 55 end), so that was sold recently on ebay.  However, the 55-200 kind of sat there in no-man’s land and never really got used.  I did a commercial shoot last year where I had to shoot over 25 models for our local TAFE (Technical and Further Education).  The girls were graduating from their Makeup and Beauty Course, and I was asked to photograph the models for their portfolios.  Of course the 55-200 was the perfect choice for that occasion.  The photos looked great and everybody was very pleased with the results.

After that – I kind of popped the lens back into the camera cupboard and forgot about it.  I had thought long and hard about the lenses I would take on the month trip to Myanmar at Christmas, but because the 55-200 lens was not sealed, it did not even get on the short list.  I ended up specifically purchasing the 18-135 because of the weather sealing.  I had been to Myanmar on two prior occasions and I remembered how unbelievably dusty and dirty it can be over there (especially Mandalay and Hsipaw).  I just took the 18-135 and the 35mm f2 – and they did their jobs well.  I never really hankered or wished for anything different whilst I was over there in Myanmar.  As it turned out (you can read in my blog on the trip to Myanmar), I ended up falling into Inlay Lake with all of my camera gear attached.  The only thing that got ruined was the X-T1 because it had no lens or body cap on at the time.  However, the 18-135 and the 35mm F2 and my X-T2 were and are still fine.  Just as well I opted for the sealed lenses,…

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