23 Feb Fuji X100T – Six Months on.

Source: Fujifilm Insider

s a follow up from my original post with the X100T Ive decided to do a bit of a catch up and go over some of the points which I’ve noticed while using this camera.

So far I’ve shot over 12,000 frames with the X100T so it’s got a fair bit of use and I’m now much more comforatbale with using it.

Fujifilm Repair Centre

With the X100T I’ve had good experience with the Fujifilm Repair Centre, of course I would rather of not had to send this camera off [3 Times now] but my repair experience has been great. Upon starting a case a box to send the camera in arrives within a few days, you then post it off and each time the camera has been back within 2-3 days at the most.

My problems have been random powering off of the camera, especially when changing the battery out, so far the battery contacts have been changed and the top plate has been replaced.

This is of course all free if your within your warrantee so make sure you keep your receipts….

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