28 Sep Fuji X100T Review — Actually, it’s a list of pros and cons.

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Today was really the first day that I had a chance to take the X100T out for a spin.


Small and lightweight — I actually kept it around my neck and under my jacket while going for a bike ride.
Looks cool — it’s retro looking and looks great. It’s a silly thing to buy the camera for, but it is stylish.
Nice EVF — I rarely ever use the EVF or viewfinder when I shoot mirrorless, but the EVF here is a good one. Also, the picture in picture effect is neat, and so is having the overlays on the optical viewfinder.
f/2 aperture and a dedicated aperture ring.
Plenty of controls and a nice layout.
Fuji colors — plenty of creative options within camera.
Facial autofocus — This was the Achilles heel of the X100s (I can’t believe they left it out).
Built in flash.
Seems durable and not plasticky.
Macro mode.
Decent performance at higher ISOs.
Manual controls in video mode, although I really do need more hands on experience with using it for video….

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