14 Feb Fuji X100F: Setting up for street photography

Source: Macfilos

The original Fuji X100 came after the Leica X1 and both models set the current trend for fixed-lens 35mm shooters that are particularly suited to street photography.

Since then we’ve seen the X100 series evolve into the masterpiece that I think is the X100F. The new model is lightyears ahead of the original X100 and it is set for major success.

Last week I gave my initial impressions using the F on the streets of London and I’m looking forward even more to my own camera arriving at Guildford’s London Camera Exchange branch anytime soon.

In passing, I read a superb article by Ian MacDonald on his X100F settings for street shooting. He summarises his personal preferences by pointing out that there are so many ways to customise a modern camera such as the 100F:

“This is just my way, configured to quickly access the things I need when I am shooting on the street. With the camera set up like this I don’t go into the menus at all. I don’t even use the Q menu, as everything I need is assigned to a button or dial, ready to go.

“It seems like a lot when it is all written out, but in the field it comes down to the occasional adjustment to Aperture, Exposure Compensation, or the Auto-ISO setting as needed for exposure control, occasionally switching back and forth between Classic Chrome and Acros depending on how I see a scene, and much more rarely using another feature like wifi or …

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