15 Mar Fuji X100F: Second thoughts

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It’s been a few weeks since I had my first hands-on up in London with the X100F.  That experience simply whet my appetite for the day when the chaps at London Camera Exchange in Guildford would ring to say that mine had arrived.  I crossed off the days like a prisoner in solitary confinement.

Then I got the call.  I warped space and time to drive over and pick it up, along with a spare NP-W126s battery.  It should have come with a leather case but there’s a bit of a delay. No matter, the camera’s here and I am a happy bunny.  I have now had it for a few weeks so it’s time to give a bit of a progress report.

What follows is my honest appraisal.  You know when you buy a new car, having test-driven it, and then find all sorts of quirks after you have actually taken delivery?  Read on.

Acros does landscape

Good stuff

Here’s the good stuff:

Overall handling, which had evolved to very good with the X100T, is now close to ideal. The almost imperceptibly larger grip is an asset for those of us with larger hands, but what really makes the difference is the grouping of the rear controls to the right as per the X100F’s bigger siblings and seen first in the XPro2.

This is such a sensible move that with 20-20 hindsight it’s a wonder it wasn’t done from the outset. If you also have an X-Pro2 your muscle memory will kick in….

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