16 Aug Fuji X100F Review | Martin Andreasson Photography

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Hi, this is my Fujifilm X100F review. I thought this would be a good time to share some thoughts about this little camera after spending some serious time with it.
As before i will not go into great technical detail about the camera, i merely like to share some of my enthusiasm but at the same time also be honest about what i consider its shortcomings and what not.
First of all i never had the chance to try the earlier cameras in this series out as i always felt the 23mm lens was too limited for me at that time.
At this stage though , using other cameras like Nikon D4, D700, Df and also the Fuji X-T2, i felt that adding a smaller camera to actually simplify things and get back to basics with something that would be able to travel with me a little easier than those other camera bodies.
Also i was at a stage where i wanted something to inspire me and i did not have to drag all those extra lenses with me, something to spark my creativity again, and i feel that the X100F really managed to do just that.
It is a fun camera to use, and that was the most important thing for me after spending a lot of time reading through reviews and pondering over if i should take the plunge and buy it. It is not a cheap camera at all, so i had to take that into consideration as well. A part of me had a hard time justifying buying such a small camera for that amount, having all those other bodies and lenses as well. …

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