03 Jul Fuji X100F Review – 3 Reasons why “F” spells Freedom!

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The 13th edition of the Fuji X Passion Virtual Photography Magazine is now available!

X100F… ? So, what´s this “F” stand for ? Fuji says it means “the Fourth” iteration of the X100 series. Or maybe it´s to say the “Force” is with her… (yes the X100F´s a she or it stands for Fantastic… Hey, probably it´s a bit of all those! Well, for me the “F” on Fuji´s fourth iteration of the X100 refers to “Freedom”. Freedom from the technicalities of photography, from weight, bulk, choices and complexity. Freedom to Focus on the image! Please read on to learn how the combination of the right camera, software and workflow can liberate your photography & boost your creativity:

F stands for Freedom! Me & Irene, myFuji X100F, with 23 mm / f2 @f5.6, 1/40 sec on ACROS-Y

Disclaimer: If youse expecting a traditional type review full of geeky tech details I gotta disappoint you (I´m sure you’ll find loads of technical / feature reviews on the web). Here I´d like to focus more on how the X100F handles in everyday practical use!

I remember the day like yesterday: 2016/4/13 – the day I traded my beloved X100T for a new X-Pro2. I wanted the 24 MP resolution bump. With that and the increased processing power came ACROS – Oh boy, did I fall in love with Fuji´s ACROS Film simulation! But even though the X-Pro2 was great, I somehow could never seem to be able to come

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