21 May Fuji X100F: More ACROS Settings For Street Photography

Source: Fujifilm Insider

In a previous post, I shared some of my favorite general-purpose settings for the ACROS film simulation. I recently took a trip to Chicago and spent the week shooting my X100F entirely. With all of the architecture available to photograph in downtown Chicago (aka “The Loop”), I switched up my ACROS settings to give me more contrasty images, and it worked out well for street photography as well.

I used the following ACROS settings for the photos below:

  • Film Simulation: ACROS+R
  • Dynamic Range: 100
  • Highlight Tone: +4
  • Shadow Tone: +4
  • Sharpness: +2
  • Noise Reduction: -1
  • Grain Effect: OFF

The +4 Highlight and Shadow tones gives me a strong S-curve in-camera, creating really strong, contrasty black and white images, which works out great for dramatic architecture and landscape images, and works out well on the street as well.  The sharpness gives the images more “bite”, and the noise reduction helps keep a bit of the “grit”. All photos below are straight off the card, minus some crops/straightening. My aim for these settings are to have images that are immediately usable with minimal to no additional processing — either for a post like this, or for other digital publishing/social media; YMMV.

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