07 Feb Fuji X100F: First impressions on the streets of London

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Damn, it’s good

Enough moaning — let’s hit the mean streets of swinging London. Ah, there’s nothing like a flat, grey city landscape under a glowering sky on a Winter’s mid afternoon to give a camera a good workout. I decided to start off with my TCL attached, shooting raw+jpg — my normal setup. Damn it’s good. The AF is noticeably more nippy and sure-footed. Looking back at the shots I took I missed focus only twice — quite an achievement at f/2.8 for the most part, with single-point AF (and spot metering).

In the hand, the X100F inspires user confidence in the way that the X-Pro2 does, but the X100T never quite managed. It has that feeling of well-screwed-together bomb-proof solidity that a top-end item exudes, like an Omega Seamaster, a Mont Blanc or a Range Rover. I can give it no finer accolade than to say the last time I used a camera that felt this good in the hand and this silky smooth in operation it was my Leica M2. Don’t get me wrong — I don’t want to mislead with an impression of bulk or weight; the X100F has presence without pretence and disappears from view in use — for both the subject and the photographer. I have long said that a good camera enhances the photographer’s vision and does not impede or get in the way. The X100F manages this feat in spades.

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