07 Jul Fuji X100F Accessories

Source: Fujifilm Insider

When I buy a new camera, I can’t just leave it at that. No, there are essential accessories that I must blow my hard earned money on. For the X100F, there are 4 key items I required and a few that were optional. I’m going to post the exact product links below to all of these items because they’re the very products I bought from Amazon.

1) LCD Protector

With any new camera, I have a certain fear that the screen is going to get scratched or nicked before I have the chance to buy a proper screen protector. I purchased my X100F at a local camera store and they didn’t have screen protectors. So I immediately added one to my Amazon cart when I got home and sweated it out, a ball of nerves and anxiety, awaiting that 2 day Prime shipping and hoping my LCD would remain pristine in the mean time…

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