28 Oct Fuji X-T3 Tips and Tricks

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Fuji X-T3 – Santorini Sunset

One month with the Fuji X-T3

I’ve taken over 2000 photos in the one month that I’ve spent with the new Fuji X-T3. Here I’ve taken a few minutes to list some tips and tricks that I’ve picked up that might be of interest

Fuji X-T3 RAW Editing

I decided to trail Capture One Pro 11 while I waited for Adobe to update support for Fuji X-T3 RAW. I’d read the reviews and comparisons between various RAW converters and the many reports that Adobe just doesn’t manage X-Trans sensor processing very well and wanted to see for myself.

I can see the ‘wormy’ artefacts in my Fuji files processed in Lightroom if I look carefully enough (Zoom in to 200% or more) this never really bothered me too much (There are workarounds) but having taken the time to learn the interface of Capture One Pro and use it for 30 days I have switched!

I wrote a brief article with some details of my comparison of Adobe Lightroom and Capture One Pro 11 – The bottom line is I prefer the look of the files edited with Capture One Pro

Fuji X-T3
Peak Design Wrist Strap

Fuji X-T3 Wrist Strap

I prefer to utilise a simple wrist strap rather than a neck strap for my X-T3. I found the Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap to be a perfect choice.

Fitting the strap to the X-T3 is tight (I’d advise not fastening the strap to the triangles supplied by Fuji

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