23 Jan Fuji X-T3: The Camera So Nice I Bought It Twice

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In a field crowded with options, there is no better value for the money than the Fuji X-T3.

There’s an informal title in the world of boxing just as sought after as the more official World Heavyweight Champion. Due to the vast difference in physical sizes between boxers, the athletes compete in various divisions based on their weight. So a heavyweight boxer won’t be paired in the ring with a featherweight. Or, to put it simply for those unfamiliar with the terminology, putting a 300 pound boxer in the ring with a 150 pound boxer in a competitive match would quickly migrate from the world of sports to manslaughter.

Yet, the delineation between the groups is based on size, not skill. It’s hard to say that Sugar Ray Leonard was a lesser boxer than Mike Tyson just because they were born with different body types. So boxing fans long ago coined the phrase “the best pound-for-pound” boxer to identify the fighter with the greatest understanding of the sweet science despite their physical attributes. It’s a way of judging an athlete based on his specific skill set and effectiveness and not on the statistics on the back on his baseball card….

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