13 Feb Fuji X-T20 Model shoot Bath

Fuji X-T20 Model shoot Bath

This isn’t going to be a huge technical Blog about the XT20, there are plenty of those out there and to be honest many have the knack of producing much more detailed info than I can, I wanted to show the jpegs straight out of the camera, I always personally like to view photos from new equipment, therefore this is my focus here!

When you asked to produce a series of Model Images for a friend it can be a little daunting, I consider myself a true professional after all I’ve been in the business for a long time however I find it’s always a challenge when asked.

Have you been asked to photograph a friends wedding before? If you have you’ll understand where I’m coming from, crazy isnt it? Although I love the opportunity and privilege to photograph a family member’s wedding, it’s kind of like being asked to cook a meal for Royalty…