24 Dec Fuji X-T2 – Wild Birds

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There is a good reason why I take mostly Landscape Photos…

I decided to try and snap some wild birds in my garden this afternoon. I added to my challenge by using the Fuji X-T2 fitted with a 35mm Prime 🙂

I set up the X-T2 with a Cactus V6 II Trigger and a RF60 remote flash. I attached the RF60 to a gorilla pod wrapped around the branch of an apple tree.

Fuji X-T2 and Cactus V6 II and Cactus RF60 Flash

I used the Fuji Remote Camera App to trigger the camera from around 10 meters away and waited for the wildlife to arrive..

The shoot was not totally successful. The X-T2 and Cactus Triggers and Flash worked flawlessly; as did the Fuji iPhone App. I just only got one bird, a distant squirrel and Robin…

Squirrel trying to work out how to access the food!

Robin Redbreast – Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas!



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