17 Oct Fuji X-T2 – Sensor Cleaning

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There comes a time in every photographers life when they discover the presence of a ‘Dust Bunny’ (or usually Dust Bunnies)

Pesky little specs of dust that always seem to accumulate near the top (Sky area) of photographs visible at smaller apertures (such as f22)

It is easy to fixate on these little devils and thoughts of expunging them from the delicate sensor can nag away at the unwary…

There are a number of tools available in the battle against dust, ranging from vibrating sensors (Thanks Fuji) through bulb blowers and static brushes to nerve wracking wet cleaning with swabs and fluid!

Arctic Butterfly

I spent part of my weekend fixating over a speck (yes, one) – Blowing air at the sensor time and time again to no avail and eventually resorting to the next step in my arsenal – The Arctic Butterfly static sensor brush by Visible Dust

Arctic Butterfly by Visible Dust

I have had great success with the visibleDust Arctic Butterfly, it makes short work of clearing stubborn specks that the blower bulbs can’t budge. However, You need to keep them clean!

If the brush gets too near the sensor casing it can pick up oil and this can (and will) get transferred to the sensor. The brushes can (should) be frequently cleaned with Sensor Brush Wash Tablets and Distilled Water or Sensor Brush Cleaning Fluid

I should have taken my advice on this but I’m stupid. So you can expect to see a brief post on wet cleaning the Fuji X-T2 sensor very shortly!

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