18 Jul Fuji X-T2 Round-up – A serious Video Tool, Sample 4K Video and More…

Fujifilm added an eye-catching 4K video on youtube, the video shows us the capability of the X-T2 camera. I am not a video guy but I can say the color output, clarity and resolution is just awesome.

Fuji X-T1 Sample Video

[embedded content]

This is 4K Motion Picture shot on FUJIFILM X-T2 by Yoshihiro Enatsu of Marimo records. X-T2 is the first model to have 4K high definition video function for the FUJIFILM X Series. Now you can use film simulation such as ACROS, Provia, and Velvia in the 4K movie quality.

Fuji X-T2 Video Review

The sensor features the X-Trans array and no low-pass filter which is quite evident in the 4K results – they are extremely sharp. More so to my eye than the Sony cameras. You might actually want to tone down the sharpness as much as possible in-camera and in post and use a 180 degree shutter angle for a more natural look.