28 Dec Fuji X-T2 – Polesden Lacey

Source: Mostly Photos

It was a beautiful bright winters day in London today so I took the X-T2 and Fuji 18-135mmto a local country house and grounds. I shot in RAW and converted the shots in Adobe Lightroom CC.

I didn’t spend much time a Polesden Lacey but the misty sunlight made for some nice snapshots. I’ve added details in the captions for reference.

Fuji X-T2 and Fuji 18-135mm – RAW file processed in Adobe Lightroom using ACROS profile under the Camera Calibration Panel.

It was a cold night with a heavy frost. The photographs were taking at around 1:00pm in the afternoon but the frost persisted in the areas of ground where the sun hadn’t reached.

Adobe Lightroom includes Camera Calibrations options to replicate the Fuji Film Simulations. These Profiles do a remarkably good job of processing RAW files to mirror the Fuji JPGs with the added advantage of that you are editing a RAW file and as such have more tolerance with processing that the out of camera JPG’s…


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