28 Oct Fuji X-T2 – Fall Color

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I am lucky enough to work within a stones throw of Regents Park in London, UK. I work on the 7th floor and have views of the park from my desk. The Park has become so commonplace in my day that I pretty much forgot that it was there and it was only by accident that I ended up walking through one lunch time and realised that fall (Autumn) had arrived. I thought I’d take the Fuji X-T2 to London to capture some fall color

Early in the morning (around 8:00am in this case) Regent’s Park is pretty quiet with only the occasional jogger or commuter passing through. The weather was bright but cloudy which works well for saturated color.

A circular polariser can be helpful to add saturation to fall color. I used a B+W 67mm on my Fuji 18-135mm lens. The usual trick to judge the amount of Polarisation that you are introducing is to point the camera at clear blue sky (ideally around 90 degrees to the sun) twisting the polariser will cause the blue sky to deepen dramatically. In this case I did not have the option but focusing close on some foliage allows fine tuning of the effect. The polariser cuts out reflected light and takes any glare off of the leave making them appear far more saturated.

I shot the Regent’s Park Photos in camera RAW format rather than JPG. This allows for more flexibility in editing.

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