25 Sep Fuji X-T2 Auto Focus

Source: Mostly Photos

I recently received my Fuji X-T2 and although I have not had much chance to put it through it’s paces my initial impression is that this camera represents a significant improvement over the X-T1 especially with regard to Auto Focus. 

The ‘traditional’  subject for an Auto-Focus test is typically a dog running on a beach or perhaps a horse race… I have neither of these subjects to hand so used my cat Ruby strolling down the garden…

I appreciate that this is a rather leisurely auto focus test but given the lens used (Fuji 35mm F2) and the camera to subject distances in play (especially at end of sequence) I think it is worth sharing as an example of the capabilities of the X-T2

Frame Sequence compiled into a GIF

Sequence of images as a GIF

This is a sequence of 24 frames shot from the Fuji X-T2 in CH mode (without the Grip) the RAW files were processed lightly in Photoshop. I have included a couple of frames below for reference but every frame is tack sharp. This was a first try with the camera without much in the way of experience with the X-T2

I set the camera to ‘C’ mode for Auto-Focus and mode to ‘Wide Tracking’ using the general setting.

I tried similar shots with my X-T1 and never got this level of ease or accuracy, very impressive.

Fuji X-T2 has locked on focus and maintains it throughout the set of 24 shots

Cat is getting near to the close focusing

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