01 Oct Fuji X-T2 Auto Focus Example Photographs

Source: Mostly Photos

AF-C Custom Settings Set 5 Erratically Moving & Accel / Decel Subject

I took the Fuji X-T2 on my commute into London and took some example photographs along London’s Southbank.

I set the X-T2 to AF-C mode and selected Set 5 from the AF-C Custom Settings which is designed to cater for subjects that move erratically and accelerate and decelerate often.

I shot a test photograph of a cyclist riding over Waterloo Bridge. The X-T2 has done a good job of capturing the cyclist in sharp focus. I deliberately set a large aperture of f2 on the Fuji 35mm f2 lens to make things more difficult for the camera and to highlight missed focus.

I took a number of photographs on Londons South Bank where skateborders frequently gather in the Undercroft below the Southbank Centre. The Skateboarders make an ideal test subject for camera testing and frequently appear in reviews of kit.

The Fuji X-T2 did a great job of grabbing focus in the challenging conditions and after I while I found that I wasn’t thinking about focus just taking pictures which exactly what you want from the camera…

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