07 Jul Fuji X-T2 Announced – Features 24MP Sensor, Advance Hybrid AF and 4K Video

Source: The New Camera

Fujifilm finally announced the long room on Fuji xt2 camera comma, Fuji X-T2 camera features 24 Megapixel X-trans CMOS sensor that has been already scenes in the X-pro 2 camera, however they have managed to upgrade the auto focusing system of the camera of to a new level.

You can navigate the camera menus as well to select AF points  via Joy- stick as we have seen in the X-Pro2 model + a faster top maniacal shutter has been also added that gives your ability to shoot 1/8000 sec (1/32,000 sec with the electronic electronic). Fuji also done a lot homework to upgrade the AF-C algorithm  so you can track down the subject very effectively without any problem.

As you know the Fuji film XT2 X-Trans sensor doesn’t have low pass filter that means you will get very clear images directly from the camera without putting any effort, the max ISO range of the camera is 100-51200.

Fuji T2 features X processor Pro that let you do auto focusing in just a fraction of the 0.06 second the startup time of the camera is very less and it takes only 0.03 seconds to startup, the shutter lag time of the camera .045 seconds and the shooting interval or you can also see the shot by shot time is also very less 0.17 sec. The continuous focusing is speed of the camera is also very fast while utilizing Phase detection as well as motion productive auto-focus at a speed of 8 frames per second.


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