23 Nov Fuji X-T2 ACROS

Source: Mostly Photos

Not sure why but I fancied trying some panning shots on London Waterloo Bridge this evening.

These shots were taking on the Fuji X-T2 using ACROS Black and White Film Simulation with a Green Filter.

Fuji X-T2 ACROS – Panning

I set the X-T2 to 1/30 second and used the 18-135mm lens with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) turned to on.

The trick with taking a panning shot is to take a lot… you’ll get a lot of ‘misses’ especially if you are on the way to the station and don’t have much time. The Rush Hour Traffic also has a habit of getting in the way of a clean shot.

Panning is much like playing a golf stroke. It is all about follow through. Start by tracking the subject swivel with them and take the shot (or shots) and follow through the swivel after the shot.

You need a very fast moving subject or a slow shutter speed. Try 1/15 or 1/30 or even 1/60 of a second. I set the X-T2 to Zone Focus and AF-C continuous Autofocus to ensure the subject is at least focused.

Have fun.

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