02 Dec Fuji X-T2 – ACROS – Spitalfields Market

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I work in Brick Lane, London which is conveniently close to Spitalfields Market. The Market has been around since the time of the Great Fire of London and is always an interesting place to visit.

I dropped in for 30 minutes on my lunch breaks on Thursday and Friday. On these days the Market is full of stalls selling antiques and records respectively. There are no shortage of interesting people to photograph.

I shot with the Fuji X-T2 and Fuji 56mm and Fuii 23mm and used the ACROS Fuji Film Simulation.

Spitalfields Market – Antique and Vintage

Fuji X-T2 56mm – ACROS Film Simulaton
Spitalfields Market – ‘Finding Love’

I waited patiently for a candid photograph of this trader bartering with a customer. Eventually he spotted me and asked if I needed anything. I don’t always approach the subjects but on the occasions that I have in the market the stallholders have been very happy to allow photographs and even pose.

I tend to hold the X-T2 at waist height and use the articulating LCD screen to frame and focus. The 23mm and 56mm are failry subtle lenses and after a short time people seem to stop noticing me…


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