04 Feb Fuji X-T2 – 10 Stop Neutral Density Filters

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Hoya 77mm Pro ND 1000

The Neutral Density Filter is used to uniformly reduce the amount of light that reaches the Camera Sensor. In the case of the Hoya 77mm Pro ND 1000 that’s ten stops of light (NOTE: en stops, 3.0 density, 1000x and #110 all refer to the same extreme density)

Each Stop of light reduction is equal to a doubling of exposure time which equates to an unfiltered shutter speed of 1/100th being increased to 10 seconds.


The Fuji X-T2 does a pretty good job of focusing when an ND filter is attached. I have found that with exposures up to around the 30 second mark the camera can ‘see’ enough to lock.

It is however generally a good idea to compose and focus before attaching the Filter. This is perfectly practical with a screw on filter as long as care is taken. You might find a filter system to be a better choice as it is easier to add and remove the filter from the filter holder (see the Lee Filter System later in this article)

Screw on Vs Square Filters

There are a couple of options to consider when choosing an ND filter. Screw on type such as the Hoya 77mm Pro ND 1000 or ‘Square’ Filters such as the 100mx100m Lee filters.

Screw-on Filters

The Advantage with the Screw on Type is size. I have an iGadgitz case which can hold up to three 77mm sized filters. I tend to use….

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