16 Feb Fuji X-T1 Graphite Edition | Matthew Brown Photography Blog

Source: Fujifilm Insider

This is not really a review, just some experiences with my new, but second hand camera. After deciding to give my Fiancee my Fuji X-Pro1 I was faced with having to replace it. I knew I would be buying used this time, as my Fuji was only ever used as a travel camera when I don’t want to lug around all my heavy Nikon gear, so it was between an X-Pro2 and the cheaper option of an X-T1. A few things made the decision for me, not least the massive price difference even against a used X-Pro2, but also not having used the X-T# form factor yet and wanting to try it out for when X-Pro2 vs X-T2 becomes a reality at the next change time. I went to London Camera Exchange in Worcester to have a look at a cheap black X-T1 with every intention of getting it and this one was there looking barely used and for only £100 more than the black and properly soiled version. It was just gorgeous and I simply had to have it. Take a look at some pictures from my studio below….

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