16 Dec Fuji X-T1 – Before and After

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Adobe Lightroom Processing – Fuji X-T1 RAW

I recently posted an article on my trip to Iceland with the Fuji X-T1. I’ve had a few folks asking about my post processing so I thought I’d share some of the adjustments that I made.

The composition isn’t bad but it’s a little dull. RAW files often lack contrast and this can make the image look flat. It was very early morning and the exposure looks about right for the time of day but it will improve the shot to bump it up a little.

Opening the RAW file in Adobe Lightroom I start at the top of the adjustments stack and tweak the WB to Cloudy to introduce some warmth.

Bump up exposure to lighten the shot and add impact.

The sky has nice detail so I drop the highlights slider to bring additional definition to the clouds

I introduce some contrast by dropping both shadows and Blacks sliders to bring some contrast in between the mountains and the sky.

The Vibrance slider works well to introduce a color boost. It is far more subtle the saturation slider.

The Tone curve gives some subtle control over lights and darks. The classic ‘S’ shaped curve brings some additional contrast

I plan to run the image through NIK Software Color Efex Pro which has it’s own contrast filters so the Tone Curve is not….

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