23 Jan Fuji X-T1 and X-T2 – a new perspective on Myanmar in 2017

Source: Fujifilm Insider

As I sit reflecting on my just completed photographic expedition, it’s been quite an amazing experience having spent a month photographing the wonders of Myanmar.   I think for me the huge difference has been (compared to when I was there last five years ago – or especially 12 years ago), everybody now has a device in their hand.  For weal or woe change is coming quickly to Myanmar.  The changes are obvious as people rush to catch up to the rest of the world.  It’s a shock to see everybody with a device in their hand – in a country where the average wage is only $2-$5 per day (sim cards and devices must be very cheap there).  I preferred it to how it was on my last two visits but nobody can blame them for wanting to catch up with the new millennium.  However, for now it’s still a very special place.  I am not sure how long that will last, but at least for now I leave with some very special memories and 6 times 64gig SD cards filled with the evidence of those experiences….

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