24 May Fuji X-Pro2: All Your Questions, Answered

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After years of waiting, the Fuji X-Pro2 is finally shipping. Want some F-Y-I before your B-U-Y? I have been shooting with a pre-production unit since October, and have a pretty good feel for its strengths and weaknesses.

Below are the questions and answers from a Twitter AMA (Ask Me Anything) about the new flagship camera. Scroll down for your questions — all of them, edited only for clarity — and my answers. If you’re on the fence, hope it helps.


Fuji X-Pro2 AMA

How fast does it autofocus compared to say, a Nikon D700? not expecting as fast but hoping it’s close.

I’ve never used a D700. So I can’t say which is “real-world” (as opposed to the specs) faster. But having used Nikon and Fuji at length now, I would tell you that they are very different. Using an electronic viewfinder (EVF) is different from optically-based DSLRs. There is a learning curve. You shoot differently, I think.

That said, my focus batting average has gone *way* up since I switched to Fuji/EVF. I’m talking 56mm f/1.2 wide open at near 100%. You are working right off the chip — there is no optical chain disconnect. I used to have “tweak” settings in my D3 for various lenses, to “adjust” the offset. That seems laughable now.

Can you set the spot-metering point to follow the focus point as you move it around?


Is it as quiet as the X100T?

Yes. In fact it can be set to silent with the electronic shutter option. Not “less noise.”…

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