11 Nov Fuji X-Pro1 “Leather Edition”

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Hello everybody, let me introduce myself. My name is Jakub Gráf, but you may find me as @zahorizont and @grafworks_leathergoods on Instagram. My main focus is portrait photography, but for the last two years, I am also trying to improve my leathercraft skill.

It has all began with the switch to the Fuji X system. I was looking for a strap for my X-Pro2, which wouldn’t belittle its simple design. It was clear, that my strap must be made from leather and survive difficult conditions during photoshoots. A few days later I found out, that these tailor-made straps are really hard to find for a reasonable price.

Then I had two options:
1. mainstream leather strap, which wouldn’t last for long,
2. nice tailor-made leather strap, but over my budget.

So I made up my mind and decided to make one by myself. Without any previous experience with crafting from leather, it was a nightmare at the beginning. Nevertheless, I overcame the first difficulties, when I couldn’t cut the leather straight at all and I made the strap on my own. In these beginnings, it was tough, but I actually improved my skills with each attempt.

Leftovers from making the first strap I utilized to learn cutting and sewing. The second one turned out better and I still have it on my Fuji X-Pro2 – as you can see on the picture below. Since then I made more than 50 straps and I decided to extend my portfolio. I began with

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