17 Jan Fuji X-Pro and X-T at the Dublin Zoo: It’s the humans who are being watched

Source: Macfilos

I’m in two minds about zoos. They do good work in conserving species and teaching students and the public at large. There is, however, always a nagging doubt about locking up wild animals against their will. My younger daughter, who is well grown up and who likes animals, says that so far as the animals are concerned humans are in the zoo and that they are watching us watching them. Certainly, the Panther Chameleon, in the picture above, seems to be using one of its two independently operating eyes to watch me taking its photograph.

Anyway, it is January and with the children gone back to school, the Dublin Zoo is very uncrowded at this time of the year. On one bright day last week I took myself there along with some Fujifilm gear ( X-Pro 2 with 50-140mm f2.8 zoom and X-T 1 with 56mm f1.2) to see how the animals had ‘got over the Christmas’ to use a well known Dublin expression.

Around Christmas time a festival called ‘Wild Lights’ took place at night in Dublin Zoo. This featured lit Chinese lanterns, flowers and animal models and montages. On the day I was there, teams were getting reading to take down the display. The items still looked quite attractive in daylight…


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