30 Jan Fuji X-Pro 2 + T-Pan for Lightroom vs Real Film

Source: Fujifilm Insider

I’m really proud of how well my T-Pan set of Lightroom presets turned out. I’m not just saying that as a shameless plug. I set about creating something that would work well to emulate black and white film, and I think the results work really well. I’m sure it’s not perfect. It’s not a full simulation as such, but rather an artistic interpretation, but I think it comes close. To see just how close I decided to do a little experiment.

As I had been shooting some actual film recently I wanted to see how they would compare. I didn’t have the exact same shots on each, and so I couldn’t really do a shot for shot comparison. Instead I thought I’d take a selection of images which have a similar theme and are similarly lit, and create a sort of scenario you would see from something like a photo essay. With the images all mixed in together, would it be obvious which is which?

This is in no way a scientific test or a controlled experiment in any way. I haven’t removed the exif, and in some cases there is still un-removed dust and dirt on the film shots. But taken as a whole I think it speaks for itself. I do have two shots which are more or less the same subject on both film and digital.

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