21 Nov Fuji X Passion Black Week

Source: Fuji Love

Hello everyone! Do you know what’s even better than a Black Friday? It’s a whole week of discounts!
(21st and 22nd November)
25% off – Virtual magazine yearly subscription
[use coupon code: blackweek25] SUBSCRIBE HERE

(23rd and 24th November)
30% off – Printed magazine Volume 1
[use coupon code: blackweekfxp1] BUY HERE

Friday to Sunday
(25th, 26th and 27th November)
20% off the whole store *
[use coupon code: blackweekfriday] ENTER HERE To benefit each discount, simply use the respective coupon when checking out your shopping cart and you will get an immediate direct discount over the item’s price. Don’t miss this opportunity!

* Except for the Volume 1+2 pack, which has already a 25% discount

Important note: The Fuji X Passion online store uses the London timezone, so please use this reference for the discount campaigns.

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