22 Mar Fuji X-H1 vs. Leica SL

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Fujifilm X-H1 vs. Leica SL – Basic Handling

The SL’s clean layout, spacing, and focus on simple UI evidence that Leica’s design wasn’t simply to make an upscale mirrorless camera. The SL was meant to be used, to be rough-handled, and, in weather both hot and cold, reliably fiddled by skin and by gloves. Prior reviews pouring in in late 2015, and handling reports from fans, detractors, and ambassadors alike, it was obvious that the SL stood for utility hitherto mirrorless cameras hadn’t.

Since purchase, the SL has been the backbone of my architectural, event, and high-image magazine business. What concerns me about it is that it is a professional body whose professional support, be that through accessories, lenses, or service/sales outlets, is slim. If anything went wrong with anything, or if I broke, lost, or had stolen an important item in my SL bag, where would I turn?…

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